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We are in the process of building the biggest Relocation & Logistics brand in Thailand. 

The about us page is an overview of ARKAY, the team and what we stand for.

The companies involvement within Thailand's economy and our goal to change lives for the better, starting from the Customers journey all the way to each individual team member. 

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What we do. We make moving easy and customer centric. 

What makes us different ? Having a team that are all focused on the same vision ahead. Each one of our team members have been carefully picked for their expertise or they are the best at what they do. Because our service delivery is unparalleled, having a fantastic team who we have invested heavily into, Makes each client's journey seamless.

Why you should care ? Relocation & Logistics in Thailand is a very complex and hands on process, which as a company we have invested a lot into making sure our processes and customer service is beyond comparison. When moving you should care about who and how the company handles your move and needs. This is where ARKAY is excelling and will continue to grow further.

Why was the business founded ? ARKAY was founded to void the gaps in the market. Having all the experts from all sectors come together and build a company with all of the strong points means YOU The consumer has a seamless relocation & service. Besides this the founder Reiss Kelly wanted to provide Jobs & Opportunities to the great people of the kingdom of Thailand.

ARKAY's input to Thailand and its communities ? Within the Relocation & Logistics sector we are trying to solve communication & efficiencies. Due to our founders backgrounds and the technologies we have invested in means we can follow up on our promises to each and every one of our clients. 
ARKAY's team vision is to invest in children's education, building schools, muay Thai gym's, providing work and opportunities to the people of Thailand and to reduce our companies carbon footprint. 

Our company's goals ? Our founders focus is on the Customers and the Team at ARKAY. Having these as priority will ensure ARKAY will contiuine to grow and excelll within the industry. 

What is in it for you ? We know our services are unparalleled, from the moment we make contact all the way until you are settled in your new property.  Over 90% of our customers that use our services all explain their problematic moves they have had prior to working with us. Our services speak for themselves, our pricing is competitive for the hassle free service we provide.

If you are interested in seeing our team, processes and the story we are telling through documenting our company then please go follow our social media pages and we look forward to also communicating further. 

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ARKAY Thailand about us


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