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arkay trucking


Are you looking to move or relocate within Thailand ?

We are here to provide a complete service from door to door.
We have a wide range services
available and we would be delighted to look after your upcoming move.


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Moving can be difficult ?

From the moment you start planning your move, the tasks start to add up and take your focus away from your family, friends, work and other important activities.

  • Have you organised & purchased the materials to start packing ?

  • Have you arranged & paid for the specific size truck to hold your personal belongings ?

  • Have you considered whether you will independently load your belongings or look for an all inclusive package ?

  • Have you researched how to pack your personal belongings correctly to avoid damages or breakages ?

  • Have you booked the time off from work or commitments to manage the job ?

  • Have you organised relevant access to parking for your removal truck ?

  • Is there any family requirements you need to put aside to manage your property move ?

  • Have you purchased your insurance to cover your household good's through your relocation process ?



We Care About The Environment

We have invested in making sure our supplies, packing materials and processes are done with the environment in mind. We are working towards a 100% recycled inventory of packing materials.

The Process Ahead

Below you will find a brief overview of what to expect ahead. With our technology and operation systems we are able to fulfil and make any local move seamless for our clients.

work from home
  • Book in a pre move survey date to suit you, whether we visit your home or through video call.

  • Understand the needs and requirements for your move with precise accuracy.

  • Initial contact to be made between you and one of our expert advisors.

Initial Contact

  • Send over the pre move survey booking confirmation.

family office
  • One of our expert advisors will make sure to be on time for the appointment.

  • Our Expert advisor will make sure to go through all of your concerns and request's for the move ahead.

  • We will asses your property and calculate the volume of everything you wish to move.

  • We will come away from the meeting making sure everything has been addressed and volumes have been calculated as accurately as possible. 

Survey Day 

  • Now we have the volume and specifics of your move we can work on making a customised moving plan and price.

  • We will make sure within 48 Hours we have a full proposal ready for you to digest and make sure it addresses all of your requirements.

  • Once the agreement has been made and the forms have been signed we will progress to the next stage. Every client is sent the proof of booking and will be kept in full communication from start to finish. 

Quote / Proposal

packing crew
  • The professional packing team will arrive on time with all the required tools & materials necessary. 

  • Every moving job will have one of our industry professionals over looking the job to make sure the quality and process is done to the highest standards.

  • After every move our team will make sure to take all left over materials for recycling. 

Packing Day

  • With all of your personal belongings now within one of our trucks, we have the technology to track our trucks with extreme precision to keep you updated.

  • Our team and drivers are all equipped with ARKAY phones to make sure the office is notified of any road accidents or delays.

Logistics Process

family home
  • When your personal goods are being delivered our professional team will attend once again to unpack your goods into the specific rooms as requested. 

  • We will always follow up with any customers deliveries to make sure everything has gone as planned.

  • We take a lot of pride within our work and operations.

Delivery Day

  • We build long lasting relationships with each and every customer and are always appreciative of the opportunity to help you move.


Click the above to speak with one of our expert advisors. We look forward to speaking with you.


With each move that is managed we endeavor to help out the projects which the ARKAY team are focused on helping further with donations, funding and providing help where we can.

Each client that moves or uses our services contributes to helping the people of Thailand.

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