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Are you looking to move out of or into Thailand ? 

We are here to help and make sure from start to finish your relocation is handled professionally.

We have a wide range of services in which we look forward to offering you to accommodate your upcoming move.

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Moving can be difficult ?

From the moment you start planning your move, the tasks start to add up and up. International moving comes with many complicated processes which we look forward to managing for you.

  • Have you organised & purchased the materials to start packing ?

  • Have you arranged & paid for the specific size truck to hold your personal belongings ?

  • Have you considered whether you will independently load your belongings or look for an all inclusive package ?

  • Have you researched how to pack your personal belongings correctly for international standards ?

  • Have you booked the time off from work or commitments to manage the job ?

  • Have you organised relevant access to secure storage before your goods are shipped ?

  • Is there any family requirements you need to put aside to manage your property move ?

  • Have you purchased your insurance to cover your household good through your relocation process?

The above is not to worry you, the above is to make the reality of international moving a little more real as this is just a small portion of what hard work, communications and management are involved in managing a move.

Don't worry, we can do all the hard work for you! 


We Care About The Environment

We have invested in making sure our supplies, Packing materials and processes are done with the environment in mind. We are working towards a 100% recycled inventory of packing materials.


The Process Ahead

Below you will find a brief overview of what to expect. With our technology and systematic operations we ensure the reliability and safety of your relocation. 

  • International moves if they are not handled correctly can cost YOU the consumer large sums of money and a lot of wasted time & energy.

  • International relocations have to be managed with extreme precision from the absolute start of interactions all the way up until the goods are delivered at the destination

  • It is our job to make sure your relocation is seamless. We look forward to taking the opportunity of  managing your relocation.

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  • Book in a pre move survey to suit you, whether we visit your home, video call or organise through email.

  • Understand the needs and requirements for your move with accuracy from door to door.

  • Initial contact to be made between you and one of our expert advisors.

Initial Contact 

  • Send over the Booking confirmation for the survey day.

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  • When the date and time has been agreed between us  our team will make sure to arrive on time.

  • Our Expert advisor will make sure to go through all of your concerns and worries for the move ahead.

  • We will make it a priority to obtain as much details as possible to make this move flawless.

  • We will come away from the meeting making sure everything has been addressed thoroughly and know how to approach the move ahead with accuracy. 

Survey Day 

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  • Now we have the volume and specifics of your move we can work on making a tailored moving plan and price.

  • We will make sure within 48 Hours we have a full proposal with our Thailand / shipping and destination rates all inclusive and the process outlined. 

  • Once the agreement has been made and the forms have been signed we will progress to the next stage and make sure you have all confirmations & documents needed.

Quote / Proposal

packing process
  • The professional packing team will arrive on time with all the required tools & materials necessary for international relocations.

  • Every moving job will have one of our industry professionals over looking the job to make sure the quality and process is done to our promise.

  • The team will make sure they take all of the left over materials and leave the property as they entered. 

Packing Day

  • Once the final volume has been confirmed and all documents have been accepted. The goods will be sent to the port ready for the export process.

  • With our experienced team members and partnerships with the ports inside of Thailand we will have the export / import process handled efficiently for you.  

  • With shipping / air freight process being out of our hands once it is boarded we are not in control of this process, we will make sure the journey of the goods are updated with the client for transparency and professional communication.

Logistics Process

family new home
  • Even though one of our close partners will be handling your move outside of Thailand we will still keep updated with you and our partners to ensure a smooth final transition.

  • We will always follow up with each client to make sure they are happy and to see if we could off done anything better. We are always striving to do better.


  • Handling moves for each and every one of our customers still brings a smile to our teams face, day in day out. 

Click the above to speak with one of our expert advisors. We look forward to speaking with you.



With each move that is managed we endeavor to help out the projects which the ARKAY team are focused on helping further with donations, funding and providing help where we can.

Each client that moves or uses our services contributes to helping the people of Thailand.

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