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Are you in need of a reliable and safe storage facility ?

Whether you are looking for overnight storage or a long term storage solution, we can help assist with a smooth and safe process.

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  • Whenever you wish to have your goods either shipped or delivered to your door, just call us and we will arrange delivery.

  • Any of our clients are welcome to contact us 1 day prior to wanting to see their goods if needed. This way we can make sure one of our team members are available to show you.

  • If you are looking for dry storage, outdoor storage or even temperature controlled storage we have everything to cater for your needs. 

  • ARKAY has multiple facilities available around Thailand that can cater for small sized goods, large sized goods as well as vehicle's if needed.

  • Insurance of your personal goods is something we can also offer on a case by case basis, So that you can feel reassured moving forwards you have your goods covered.

  • ARKAY has made sure  the warehouses have been through a thorough processing plan to make sure the facilities are safe guarded, pest controlled and monitored 24/7.

What To Expect ?

We Look forward to having the opportunity to look after your goods and provide you with a reliable and trustworthy service

The First Phase

The Storage Phase

The Re-delivery Phase

Whether you are looking to store your goods for 1 day or 1 year we have the facilities and team to cater for your needs. Once we understand your requirements and the size of the goods we can give you the quote to make sure it fits your requirements. We can either come and collect your goods or you can have them delivered to our warehouse. Once arrived we will have the goods stored as instructed.

Now your goods are safe within one of our facilities we can make sure you as the customer are updated regularly whether that is for updates on your goods or if you are looking to come visit your personal goods. We have around the clock security with high tech security systems which are all monitored. 

This part of the process is when you are wanting your personal goods to be delivered to the specific location as requested.

Once you have informed our team of your required schedule we will make sure our team and trucks are ready to accommodate the re-delivery. Whether that is to the port, airport, property or anywhere within Thailand. We can do it all. 

ARKAY facilities are modern, newly built and with the the most modern tech around to make sure our clients goods are in safe hands from start to finish. 

The storage solutions we can provide range from a simple shoe box to 40" containers. We have space and vehicles to look after any of your needs.  

If you are interested and would like to learn more click the button below and we look forward to communicating with you. 


With each move that is managed we endeavor to help out the projects which the ARKAY team are focused on helping further with donations, funding and providing help where we can.

Each client that moves or uses our services contributes to helping the people of Thailand.

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